Our Commitment


We are a wealth management team committed to
simplifying your life by guiding all aspects of your finances.



Our mission is to establish a life-long relationship with you based on a foundation of trust and satisfaction.  We will work with you to explore your long-term goals and formulate a comprehensive plan to help you pursue those goals.  We will actively monitor the progress of these goals by providing ongoing guidance and direction.



As we mentioned before, you are our focus.  That is why we are dedicated to sitting on the same side of the table with you while providing unbiased guidance based on your unique objectives. 

With two of our financial advisors holding the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) Professional certification, we are dedicated to working in your best interests while striving to align your wealth with your values and intentions. 

We recognize that the most important relationship in our business is the bond of trust between you and your financial advisor.  We will continue to build and strengthen this relationship by truly understanding your interests during the investment selection process.



We honor our relationships.

Each of our team members will take the time to truly listen and understand your needs.  We will help you clarify your goals and provide you with a roadmap that sets the course toward your financial objectives.

We are fully invested in your success.

We will help you stay disciplined to your goals through thoughtful strategies, in-depth analysis of your investments, and regular feedback on your portfolio's progress.

We are here every step of the way.

As your needs and goals evolve and change over time, we are here to provide ongoing guidance through the ups and downs of markets and economic cycles.



Primarily utilizing a fee-based approach, we strive for transparency in our discussions, especially when it comes to fees and costs associated with our services.  Our focus isn't on stock picks and possible winners; rather, we are committed to developing your overall financial picture.

While many brokers are transactional, we understand and set expectations with you that no one can beat “the market.”  We are not in the “tournament” against the S&P 500.  Rather, we believe in a long-term focus on your wealth planning strategy.



While most of the investment services industry has focused for years on growing assets, our focus is on retirement planning strategies. We strive to understand your risk preference and structure your assets within an appropriate allocation so you have the cash flow you need when you need it, with a goal of lessening the chances of outliving your resources. 



The Standard & Poor's 500 Index is a capitalization-weighted index that is generally considered representative of the U.S. large capitalization market.